Canyon Ridge High School Gear

Canyon Ridge High School Boosters Gear

The store is closed for now. See the boosters to pickup ordered items and they will have items on hand to sell if you didn’t place an order.

We will be open the store several times thru out the school year. And the boosters will try to keep items on hand to buy at events/games.

This store will be open until Sunday August 27th. At that time we’ll place the large order of shirts. It generally is about 2 weeks for shirt to arrive and finish printing. Delivery will be arranged through the boosters. 

We do stock some items. However it’s difficult to keep all sizes and colors in stock. So we will open this store several times a year for a 1-2 week period. The reason for this is that most items are screen printed. With this method shirts last longer, but also require time to setup. So it is only cost effective with 24 or more shirt are ordered at one time.

Will keep you posted as to the next time this store is open!